The state of
Earthquake Engineering Research in Italy:
the ReLUIS-DPC 2005-2008 Project
Gaetano Manfredi, Mauro Dolce


The ReLUIS Consortium

Evaluation and Reduction of the Vulnerability of Masonry Buildings
Sergio Lagomarsino, Guido Magenes

Assessment and Reduction of the Vulnerability of Existing Reinforced Concrete Buildings
Edoardo Cosenza, Giorgio Monti

Seismic Assessment and Retrofit of Existing Bridges
Paolo E. Pinto, Giuseppe Mancini

Development of a Model Code for Direct Displacement Based Seismic Design
Gian Michele Calvi, Timothy Sullivan

Development of Innovative Seismic Design Criteria for Steel and Steel-Concrete Composite Structures
Federico Mazzolani, Riccardo Zandonini

Innovative Procedures for Design of Retaining Structures and Evaluation of Slope Stability
Stefano Aversa, Giovanni Barla, Sebastiano Rampello, Armando L. Simonelli

Technologies for the Seismic Isolation and Control of Structures and Infrastructures
Mauro Dolce, Giorgio Serino

Innovative Materials for the Vulnerability Mitigation of Existing Structures
Gaetano Manfred, Luigi Ascione

Structural Health Monitoring and Early Warning
Paolo Gasparini

Definition and Development of Databases for Risk Evaluation, Emergency Planning and Management
Domenico Liberatore

Research Needs in Earthquake Engineering Highlighted by the 2009 L’Aquila Earthquake
Mauro Dolce, Gaetano Manfredi