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Benvenuti nel sito del Consorzio della Rete dei Laboratori Universitari di Ingegneria Sismica e Strutturale

Proceedings of the final conference of ReLUIS-DPC 2010-2013 project

The proceedings of the final conference of ReLUIS-DPC 2010-2013 project have been published: The state of Earthquake Engineering Research in Italy: the ReLUIS-DPC 2010-2013 Project.

European Strong-Motion Database (ESM)

Within NERA (www.nera-eu.org) Work Package 3 "Networking accelerometric networks and SM data users" and ORFEUS Working Group 5 (http://www.orfeus-eu.org/workinggroups/wg5.html), we are pleased to announce the publication on the web of version 0.1 of the European Strong-Motion Database (ESM).

Operational Earthquake Loss Forecasting in Italy

Just published a paper reporting about a 2014 ReLUIS project on feasibility of daily nationwide risk assessment in italy based on Operational Earthquake Forecasting.

Professor M.J. Nigel Priestley passed away

On December 23th 2014 professor M.J.N. Priestley deceased. Professor Priestley is one of the fathers of contemporary earthquake engineering. Among the large number of contributions he gave, those related to displacement-based design and to reinforced concrete structures have to be recalled. Professor Priestley was from New Zealand, yet has spent long time in Italy collaborating to the earthquake engineering community.

Judgment of the Appeals Court in L'Aquila trial

ReLUIS learns with relief the judgment of the Appeals Court of L'Aquila regarding the Major Risks Committee trial.

1964-2014 GMPEs collection

A report summarizing published ground-motion models was just published. The web address is: www.gmpe.org.uk. The report may be a useful reference for seismic risk analysts.


In the case the computer you use has 64bit microsoft excel, it is necessary to install REXEL and REXEL-DISP in the same foloder of microsoft office, that is "programs", not in "programs (x86)" where windows would put REXEL and REXEL-DISP by default.


Online INGV website for the processing of seismic signals

Is now available on the INGV (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia) website a totally on-line system for the processing of seismic signals present in the Italian Accelerometric Archive (ITACA). The system is online at: http://dyna.mi.ingv.it/processing/
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5 per mille

Il 5 per mille è uno strumento che permette ai cittadini di sentirsi coinvolti in maniera diretta per il perseguimento di obiettivi di utilità sociale.
Puoi destinare al Consorzio ReLuis il 5 per mille della tua IRPEF (o di quella della tua famiglia se ancora non percepisci un reddito), senza alcun onere aggiuntivo e senza entrare in contrasto con l’attribuzione dell’otto per mille e per finanziare laboratori di ricerca, strumentazioni, borse di dottorato.
Per destinare il 5 per mille al Consorzio ReLUIS , basta segnalarlo al commercialista o al CAF al momento della compilazione della dichiarazione dei redditi e firmare la casella "Finanziamento della ricerca scientifica e delle Università" indicando il codice fiscale 04552721211.


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Prof. Gaetano Manfredi
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Prof. Mauro Dolce
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Prof. Edoardo Cosenza
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Mrs. Annarita Borrelli
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Dr. Iunio Iervolino


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