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News archive year 2009

  • 30.09.09 - The new version of REXEL (2.5 beta) has been released. See the design > software section of this site.
  • 18.05.09 - All reports on L'Aquila 6th April 2009 earthquake so far acquired and the following can now be found in section Report.
  • 04.05.09 - The report about peak and integral parameters of the 04/06/2009 L'Aquila mainshock has been updated. Download the report V5.21.
  • Displacement spectra for close source distances may be found here.
  • Acceleration spectra at close distances compared with design spectra may be found here.
  • Corrected waveforms and information about the correction process may be downloaded here.
  • Original signals may be found at www.protezionecivile.it
  • 04.05.09 - A report with some photos of some masonry-specific damages may be downloaded form here.
  • 19.04.09 - ReLUIS in cooperation with DPC is coordinating visits of international expert teams who want to do reconnaissance tours in L'Aquila area. Reference email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • 17.04.09 - ReLUIS produced a preliminary report on earthquake damages which will be integrated by new information soon. Download the Report V1.20
  • 14.04.09 - On DPC website are now available the mainshock waweforms, provided by the italian RAN - DPC (National Accelerometric Network - Department of Civil Protection), related to the last seismic events :
    6th April 2009 - 01h32 (UTC) - Ml = 5.8
    6th April 2009 - 02h37 (UTC) - Ml = 4.6
    6th April 2009 - 16h38 (UTC) - Ml = 4.0
    6th April 2009 - 23h15 (UTC) - Ml = 4.8

    More data related to all district earthquakes showing Ml > 4.0 will follow.
  • 11.04.09 - INGV published on the Civil Protection website the waweforms of the mainshock of the L'Aquila earthquake. www.protezionecivile.it.
  • 09.04.09 - L'Aquila Earthquake - ReLUIS is carrying out the task of verify post-earthquake capacity of school buildings in the whole L'Aquila district. They're more than 400 buildings. All universitires are partecipating with qualified teams.
  • 24.02.09 - Global Earthquake Model (GEM) is a five-year, 35 M Euro public-private initiative with the goal of establishing global independent standards for calculating and communicating earthquake risk worldwide. With over half its funding secured, GEM will launch formally in February 2009 and seeks a senior leader for its executive team. Go to official announcement >>

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