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News archive year 2005

  • A system of two shaking tables (the first in the world transportable) is to be installed at the laboratory of Dipartimento di Analisi e Progettazione Struttturale – University of Naples Federico II. These shaking tables will allow tests of seismic asynchronous motion with maximum acceleration of 1g on specimens of 20T. See the video of delivery: Table1; Table2.
  • The website of the TREMA research program is now online here.
  • The restricted area has been activated for each research line. You can enter from “Research” menu on navigation bar. User and password are going to be diffuse to participants to the research project by co-ordinators. With the same users and passwords you’ll access to the “Common restricted area” making the login in left frame in this page.
  • The second updated edition of the manual Progetto Antisismico di Edifici in Cemento Armato is available. BUY>>
  • The section Reluis Publications is in preparation. In this section papers of interest for seismic engineering will be published.
  • New – Because of collaboration with USGS, recently the famous free software Google Earth can be supplied of a plugin (to install after installing Google Earth), which allows to see the localization of all just happened world seismeic events of magnitude Mw larger than 2.5 in real-time.

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