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CEA meets ReLUIS

Last May 8th, 2008 a CEA (China Earthquake Administration) management delegation visited the DIST (Department of Structural Engineering) laboratory at University of Naples Federico II.

This visit belongs to a wider meetings schedule between CEA and the Department of Civil Protection with his Competence Centers, leading the chinese delegation also to EUCENTRE in Pavia and to DCP himself during the same week, in order to establish possible cooperative relationships between the two Agencies, following the memorandum agreement signed in 2006.
As regards the visit at ReLUIS in Naples, the CEA management delegation, including:

  • Mr. Chen Jianmin, Administrator of China Earthquake Administration (CEA)
  • Mr. Huang Jianfa, Director-General, Dept. of Earthquake Disater Emergency Response, CEA
  • Mr. Lu Shoude, Director-General, Dept. of Earthquake Disaster Prevention, CEA
  • Mr. Ren Lisheng, Director, Earthquake Administration of Jilin Province
  • Mr. Wang Manda, Director for Division of Bilateral Cooperation, Dept. of International Cooperation, CEA

has been welcomed by DIST Head and ReLUIS President, Prof. Gaetano Manfredi and DIST young researchers. After the presentation of ReLUIS activities and DIST laboratory, the possible interactions between ReLUIS and CEA have been discussed.
Afterwards Prof. Manfredi and his team led the CEA delegation through the laboratory, paying a special attention to the shaking tables system. Then together they went to RISSC (Research on Experimental and Computational Seimology), a research laboratory set up by the Department of Phisics (University of Naples Federico II) and Vesuvius Observatory (Neapolitan section of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology), also part of the ReLUIS reserch unit 10, regarding monitoring and Early Warning.
During the visit at RISSC, led by Prof. Giovanni Iannaccone and his team, CEA delegation has been showed the seismic real-time monitoring network operating in Irpinia and the activities linked to real and almost real time Early Warning, developed by ReLUIS with the Regional AMRA Center of Competence for Analysis and Monitoring of Environmental Risk.
This visit has been considered highly interesting and useful by both delegations, so it has been immediately agreed to carry on cooperating right since the incoming 14th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, to be held in Beijing next October 2008. ReLUIS has been invited to officially visit CEA and his Earthquake Research Center: we will not miss the chance!

laboratorio DIST
Prof. Manfredi shows DIST laboratory and activities to CEA Administrator, Mr. Chen Jianmin and his team.

Prof. Iannaccone illustrates to CEA team the seismic monitoring network operating in Irpinia and the early warning system supporting the regional Civil Protection of Campania District.

The two delegations at the end of the visit.