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Thanks to all our visitors!

Throughout 2010 RELUIS website has had 593.559 visitors! A stunning result of absolute importance, encouraging us to repeat and improve this excellent accomplishment in the future, still providing news, tools and technical assistance to all those who need. A sincere thank you to all surfers who trusted us and found the website of RELUIS, Competence Centre of the Civil Protection Department, an useful reference point for their daily research and/or professional activities.

The ReLUIS website is online since 2005 as the website of the 2005-2008 ReLUIS-Italian Civil Protection research program and has received hundreds of thousands of visits since then, more than ninety thousands only since the day after the recent L’Aquila earthquake in April 2009. This significant interest of the community for the information and data available raised the issue of upgrading the website to accommodate the needs of a vast audience who wants to access the knowledge base developed and conveyed by ReLUIS starting a transition from a research program website to an internet portal for earthquake engineering. Therefore this new site has been conceived and built, it features many improvements and innovations as an unique registration to access all downloadable contents, a multimedia section, and a generally easier navigation within a structure as much as possible similar to that of the old website. Clearly a short time is required for everything to go smooth, and therefore the visitor is kindly asked to contribute to the development of the website pointing out any malfunctioning or simply commenting it. Finally, we hope and believe to have made a step further for www.reluis.it to became a reference for the national earthquake engineering community and an interlocutor at international level on earthquake engineering matters.

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