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Objectives (3-years perspective)

  • improve numerical tools for earthquake ground motion simulation of seismic source, propagation path and site effects;
  • provide updated numerical simulations of some of the most recent and impacting Italian earthquakes, including L'Aquila and Po Plain;
  • construct a database of near-source ground motions, including real and synthetic time histories and updated empirical tools for ground motion prediction in near-source;
  • study spatial variability of ground motion in near-source conditions, and provide application examples to the seismic analysis of spatially extended structures;
  • cast the results of the project in a format suitable to improve seismic hazard definition in near-source conditions for seismic norms and guidelines.
Progetto DPC-ReLUIS 2014-2018
Progetti speciali
RS2 – Simulazione di terremoti: effetti near-source