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  • 10.18.06 - In the section Events information regarding the following International Congress are now available: 2nd fib Symposium, EGU 2007, 6ERES, 6CSAS and more.
  • 10.16.06 - At Udine, next 22-23 November 2006, will take place the workshop on La ricerca applicata in Italia. Risultati del Primo anno del Progetto ReLUIS-DPC 2005-2008. All activities carried out during the first year by the Research Lines will be illustrated. See Details, appointed hotels, booking form.
  • 10.07.06 - The Ordine degli Architetti, Paesaggisti, Pianificatori e Conservatori of Naples District, the Fondazione Promozione Acciaio and the Ordine degli Ingegneri of Naples are organizing in Naples the course Costruire con l’acciaio in zona sismica, on 8-15-22 November 2006. The course is free of charge, but only the first 70 applicants will be admitted. Download details: part 1, part 2.
  • 10.06.06 - The new Task 8.2 - Delaminazione sotto azioni cicliche per strutture in c.a. e in muratura webpage is now available, providing information on the subject. It can be reached through Line 8 page.
  • 09.28.06 - Next February 12-13, 2007 the University of Salerno, in cololaboration with ReLuis, will organize the workshop on Materiali ed Approcci Innovativi per il Progetto in Zona Sismica e la Mitigazione della Vulnerabilità delle Strutture. More information are available here.
  • 09.26.06 - The new TRE.RE.M. test calendar is now available. Information in order to reach the C.R. Casaccia can be found here.
  • 09.26.06 - Among Reluis publications a new paper has been added to Geotechnics section. All ReLuis members are invited to contribute to data bank with their works.
  • 09.23.06 - Next October 9th, 2006 the firm DELOITTE & TOUCH, auditor of DPC/RELUIS project, will organize at its main office in Via Della Camilluccia 589/a, Rome, the Second meeting of the training course on RELUIS Project Audit Procedure. The lesson will start at 10 AM and end at 6 PM, same day. An audit simulation will be performed, therefore bringing a laptop is strongly suggested.
  • 09.19.06 - To improve the performance of the website the server will change shortly (the URL will remain www.reluis.unina.it). In the meanwhile it is possible to add to the bookmarks of Internet Explorer a fast and reliable link to this website: Add ReLUIS to your bookmarks.
  • 09.17.06 - In the section Accelerogrammi, are now available updated versions of the report and more detailed annexes are in preparation. A preview of the English version of the page for record sets compliant with prescription of Eurocode 8 is online.
  • 09.17.06 - The steering committee of the Italian Earthquake Engineering Conference (Convegno Nazionale "L'Ingegneria Sismica in Italia", ANIDIS 2007), which will take place in Pisa from June 10 to June 14 2007, received more that 300 proposed abstracts. Who still wants to submit an abstract should send one to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  • 09.09.06 - The conclusive remarks of the seismic input workshop (between ReLUIS, INGV e Dipartimento della Protezone Civile) held in Capri in June, are available in the Archivio eventi section.
  • 08.04.06 - In the section Accelerogrammi, are now available set compliant with prescription of Eurocode 8 to be used as an input for nonlinear one-dimensional dynamic analysis of structures. Please read the report before to download records.
  • 07.29.06 - BIAXIAL 1.2 NOW IN ENGLISH! In the section Software the english version of Biaxial (1.2) is now available. Biaxial allows the non-linear analysis (i.e. moment-curvature duiagrams) for reinforced concrete cross sections of any shape (also circular).
  • 07.08.06 - July 31 is the deadline to submit an abstracr to the XII Italian Congress on Earhtquake Engineering (ANIDIS 2007), which will take place from june 10 to june 14 2007 in PISA. Download info on the event (in Italian).
  • 07.01.06 - The due date for submission of Abstracts to the ICASP10 (International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering) has been extended to July 15th. Submission information may be found here.
  • 06.29.06 - In the section Software the new version of Biaxial (1.2) is available, which allows to analyze circular sections. It is valid until 01/10/06.
  • 06.19.06 - The manual Edifici con Struttura di Acciaio in Zona Sismica has been recently released. It is an handbook for design of steel structures in seismic regions according to the lasti Italian seismic code. BUY>>
  • 06.17.06 - On 06.16.06 the first tests on the masonry samples for the TRE.RE.M. project have been performed. In particular, the isolated base system has been subjected to the 1997 Colfiorito ground motion without being damaged at all. Details on the research program and results may be found here.
  • 06.14.06 - The University of Naples Federico II held in Capri (www.villaorlandi.unina.it) on june 12th and 13th a joint workshop between ReLUIS, INGV and Dipartimento della Protezone Civile on the topic of the seismic input for risk ananlysis and design. The documents of the talks are available in the section Archivio eventi.
  • 05.30.06 - In the Design-Software section it is possible to download VC (Vulnerabilità C.a.) and 6.6 di VM (Vulnerabilità Muratura), they are EXCEL spreadsheets, which allow to assess the vulnerability and the seismic risk of RC and masonry buldings. They have been developed within the GNDT-SAVE research program. DOWNLOAD>>
  • 05.28.06 - The Accelerogram section is in preparation. It will contain records for non-linear dynamic analysis of structures.
  • 05.28.06 - It is currently in press the manual for the Assessment of Existing Buildings according to the recent Italian seismic code. As soon as it will be ready we'll give notification on this page.
  • 05.28.06 - In the Congress section of the website information on the next ICASP10 and ICOSSAR'09 conferences, which will both take place in Japan, are available.

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