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MADA: MAsonry DAtabase

Online experimental data selection for mechanical modelling of masonry

2016 updated version

MADA is an online database of experimental results on mechanical properties of masonry and its constituents, i.e. masonry units and mortar. Experimental data included in scientific papers and test reports are summarised in MADA files, which can rapidly be selected through single or multiple keywords. Each MADA file includes general information on the scientific document from which data were taken out (title, authors and paper file) and detailed information on specimens, test type and procedures, and mechanical properties characterised by testing. Diagrams and pictures of specimens and experimental setups can also be available as per original source file. In case of testing on masonry specimens, the masonry file is linked to other files including experimental data on constituents of the tested masonry assemblage. Most of MADA files are geo-referenced to allow the user to search for experimental results in a given territory.
MADA is an electronic product funded by ReLUIS-DPC 2005–2008, ReLUIS-DPC 2010–2013 and ReLUIS-DPC 2014-2016 research projects. It was developed to support researchers and practitioners in mechanical modelling of masonry. This allows one to predict the structural behaviour of existing masonry constructions in a reliable way. Experimental data collected in MADA may allow to define and update ranges of mechanical properties within building codes and guidelines.
PERMANENT UPDATING PROGRAMME: MADA is an online database which is continuously updated over time. Researches are invited to cooperate in this updating programme by providing experimental data published in scientific papers or collected in test reports from university laboratories. Experimental results of both laboratory and on-site tests may be summarised in the Data implementation form to be submitted by e-mail to fulvio.parisi@unina.it, together with the scientific source file. Experimental diagrams and pictures of specimens and test setups may also be submitted.
  • Implementation and updating of experimental data from 658 tests on masonry specimens collected in 183 files, 531 tests on masonry unit specimens (i.e., stone, brick or block specimens) collected in 142 files, and 339 tests on mortar specimens collected in 120 files
  • Visualisation of MADA files over geographical maps
  • Multi-criteria data selection disaggregating on-site and laboratory test results
  • Optimisation of links between MADA files related to masonry and constituent properties
  • Visualisation of experimental statistics for mechanical properties
  • Dynamic data files
  • Ability to add and search for data on strengthened masonry assemblages
  • Test setups (if provided by source document or authors)
  • Experimental diagrams (if provided by source document or authors)
DISCLAIMERe: The authors decline any responsibility for the use of MADA and its tutorial. Users are advised to carefully select and process experimental data before their use in structural analysis.