Joint Reconnaissance ReLUIS-EUCENTRE, Türkiye-Syria Earthquake 2023

The Civil Protection Department has promoted an important technical-scientific activity in the areas affected by the earthquakes that occurred inTürkiye and Syria starting from 6 February this year, with a maximum magnitude of 7.8. In this context, two missions have been organised, one aimed at investigating the effects of the earthquake from a geological and seismological point of view and one aimed at investigating the structural response of the building stock.

The two engineering competence centers ReLUIS and EUCENTRE, in collaboration with METU and TEDU Universities of Ankara, are carring out the damage reconnaissance.

The activity, agreed with the Turkish civil protection (AFAD), follows the agreements of a first mission in Ankara on April 24th-26th coordinated by the Italian Civil Protection Department, and is aimed at the evaluation of earthquake effects on public buildings (schools, barracks, municipal offices, etc.) on which reinforcement interventions were planned and/or carried out before the seismic event of 6 February.

In agreement with a delegation of researchers from the METU and TED Ankara Universities, more than 200 buildings have beeb selected in the provinces of Hatay, Maras, Antep and Adana.



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