Project ROADMAP2

EuRopean ObservAtory on Disaster risk and crisis MAnagement good Practices: way ahead

The activities carried out within ROADMAP have highlighted some specific challenges that must be overcome to achieve effective progress in building an active and engaged community to improve knowledge, understanding, and replicability of GPs in DRM.

To achieve the global objectives, the activities of the ROADMAP 2 project will focus on:

  • creating a community for the European Observatory (CEO) of Good Practices to improve knowledge, understanding, and replicability of GPs in DRM, starting from the engagement rules of the ROADMAP Advisory Group;
  • building a solid framework - derived from the Sendai Framework - to identify and evaluate GPs, which allows determining to what extent a GP in DRM can be replicated in different contexts or only works in a specific context (depending on the period, territorial scale, social context, etc.);
  • involving stakeholders in sharing GPs directly in the Solution Explorer;
  • defining valid criteria to identify and evaluate GPs, as well as to create concrete scenarios in which to apply them.

ReLUIS participates in the project as a member of the CI3R consortium.

Funding Institution: DG ECHO - Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations

Duration: January 2023 - December 2024