What is ReLUIS

The Network of the University Laboratories of Seismic Engineering (Reluis) was established by a convention signed on 17 April 2003.
In 2020, considering the developed skills and the obtained results, Reluis expanded its mission and the member Universities approve amendments to the statute of Reluis, that becomes the Network of University Laboratories of Seismic and Structural Engineering.
Reluis is an inter-university consortium that aims to co-ordinate the activities of the University Laboratories of Seismic and Structural Engineering, providing scientific, organizational, technical and financial support to member Universities and promoting their participation to scientific and technological activities in the field of Seismic and Structural Engineering in accordance with the specific national and international research programs.
The Consortium is the scientific interlocutor of the various Bodies of the National Government, Districts, Provinces, Municipalities and public and private institutions in order to achieve concrete objectives in relation to the assessment and reduction of vulnerability and seismic risk, and is one of the main Centres of Competence of the Department of Civil Protection. The consortium is non-profit and based in Naples, at the Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture of the University Federico II.
altThe Consortium founders are:

Experts and professors from the following Universities and Research Institutes take part in the research and support activities of the Civil Protection Department: