BORIS Project

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Development of a shared methodology for transboundary seismic and flood risk management.

The BORIS project is dedicated to the development of a shared methodology for managing risk at the transboundary level. BORIS focuses in particular on seismic and flood risks. The project implementation area – the Eastern Alps, including the Italian-Slovenian-Austrian borders, as well as the region of Southeastern Europe – is in fact characterized by strong seismicity and hydrometeorological risks. In order to establish coordinated transboundary approaches to assessing and communicating such risks, BORIS will outline a framework of methodologies in use for risk assessment in the countries involved (Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Turkey, and Montenegro).

Based on this analysis, a shared methodology for assessing single and multi-risk will be developed, which will allow for the assessment of the predicted consequences of individual natural hazards and the comparison and classification of multi-risk impacts in transboundary regions. The strategy will be tested at some pilot sites.

The project also aims to develop a dedicated platform for visualizing, archiving, and updating data, models, and documentation related to risk assessment. It will also enable the representation of damage and impact data with a harmonized approach based on common metrics.

ReLUIS participates in the project as a member of the CI3R consortium.

Funding entity: DG ECHO – Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations.

Duration: January 2021 – December 2022