DPC-ReLUIS 2019-2021 Project


Agreement pursuant to art. 15 law 7 August 1990, nr. 241, and art. 4 of D. Lgs. 2 January 2018, n. 1 between the Civil Protection Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Reluis Consortium, for the development of activities related to seismic prevention programs. Knowledge development activities, also in collaboration with other Centres of Competence, or by coordinating other technical-scientific subjects for the definition, organization and development of programs of study and research integrated at national level, with the involvement of universities, research institutions and individuals, in the field of seismic engineering. Development of pre-normative documents relating to structural types not yet covered by the standards. Assistance in drafting technical standards. Collaboration in training, communication and dissemination activities on vulnerability, exposure and seismic risk. 263 research units are involved in the project.