REXELweb as an alternative to REXEL

Design - Software

REXELweb is an online tool available on the website of ITACA4.0 and ESM (repositories of Italian and European ground motion records) that provides a guided and user-friendly web-interface, to search spectrum-compatible combinations of accelerograms, compatible – on average – with a target spectrum, for dynamic analysis of structures in engineering and geotechnical fields. The REXELweb is based on the same engine of REXEL (; developed by the University of Naples Federico II within the activities of ReLUIS) and replaces REXELite (the previous simplified online version of REXEL). The main advantage of REXELweb with respect to REXEL is that it operates on databases of uniformly processed and high-quality waveforms availability continuously updated with the records of new earthquakes.

How REXELweb is designed
REXELweb addresses the input options specified by the user with a user-friendly web-interface and returns data from ITACA4.0 and ESM databases by automatically invoking a set of underlying Web-Services (WSs), specifically developed for the record selection.

With respect to REXEL, the tool REXELweb provides:

  1. access through an online web platform, which requires no installation;
  2. full integration within the ESM/ITACA databases, which provides access to a continuously updated dataset of high-quality records;
  3. options to build the target spectrum based on the hazard maps made available for the whole of Europe (ESHM13 map; SHARE, EU-FP7 project Seismic Hazard Harmonization in Europe; User manual FAQs

The use of REXELweb should be cited as: Sgobba, S., Felicetta, C., Russo, E., D’Amico, M., Lanzano, G., Pacor F., Luzi, L., Baraschino, R., Baltzopoulos, G., Iervolino, I. The online graphical user interface of REXELweb for the selection of accelerograms from the Engineering Strong Motion database (ESM).  39° Convegno Nazionale Gruppo Nazionale Geofisica della Terra Solida (GNGTS), 22 – 24 giugno 2021 (online).

REXELweb has been developed in collaboration with RELUIS and University of Naples Federico II, within the research programme 2019-2021 ReLUIS-DPC WP18 funded by the National Department of Civil Protection and coordinated by Roberto Paolucci (Politecnico di Milano). The web interface of the tool has been funded within the framework agreement between the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia and the Department of Civil Protection (INGV-DPC) Annex A 2019-2021.

Disclaimer: The application REXELweb is provided As-Is, with all faults and an As-Available basis, without any warranties of any kind. We specifically do not warrant that the application provided (or any part, feature or content thereof) are complete, accurate, reliable or secure in any way, suitable for or compatible with any of your contemplated activities, devices, operating systems, browsers, software or tools, or that their operation will be free of any viruses, bugs or program limitations.