Progettazione - Software

R2R-EU v1.141 (beta) released – R2R-EU (record-to-record estimation uncertainty) is a performance-based earthquake engineering software tool that numerically implements various schemes for the quantification of the estimation uncertainty underlying seismic risk estimates, due to record-to-record variability in seismic structural response (see references).*

R2R-EU accepts as input the results of structural dynamic analysis to a suite of accelerograms and site-specific seismic hazard information (hazard curves). Intermediate calculations performed by R2R-EU during an elaboration can include fitting a Gaussian model of structural fragility to the analysis results and integrating the fragility with the provided hazard curves to derive seismic risk estimates in the form of rate of exceedance of some seismic performance limit state (failure rate). Estimation uncertainty is quantified by providing statistics of the failure rate estimator (such as mean and variance) and possibly its distribution, the latter numerically extracted by means of Monte Carlo simulation. The user is offered some choice as to the method of calculating these statistics, having to choose among some resampling and/or simulation schemes belonging to the bootstrap family, the delta method and direct application of normal theory.

Notes on installation: Since R2R-EU was developed in MATLAB programming environment, prior to running R2R-EU, it is necessary to download and install the MCR v8.1 x64 component (which is freely distributable and can be downloaded at http://it.mathworks.com/products/compiler/mcr/. After downloading, launch the MCRinstaller.exe and follow the instructions of the installation procedure. Note that there is no problem associated with having MATLAB and the MCR installed simultaneously (even if multiple versions of each are installed). In order to install R2R-EU itself, please launch the installer (R2R-EU_setup.exe) and follow the instructions appearing on the screen. After the installation is completed, it will be possible to run the software (the main executable file, found in the installation folder, is R2R-EU.exe). If it should happen that R2R-EU fails to interact successfully with Excel, that could be a consequence of the program being denied the necessary permissions by the system. This occasional problem can be remedied by simply running the program with administrator privileges (Run as administrator).