Support to seismic emergencies

ReLUIS significantly supports the Department of Civil Protection in the technical management of seismic emergencies, as happened after the earthquakes: Abruzzo (April 2009), Emilia-Lombardy-Veneto (May 2012), Pollino (October 2012) and Central Italy (from August 2016 to April 2017).

The ReLUIS Consortium researchers carried out tens of thousands of agibility verifications on buildings, particularly of the public ones, and provided assessments and technical-scientific opinions on specific problematic.

In the post-earthquake phase that has affected Central Italy since August 2016, the Consortium has given its support to MiBACT and Civil Protection Department in order to recognize the damages to cultural heritage. For this recognition activity the then Minister Franceschini conferred in October 2017 to Reluis, at the main office of the Mibact in Rome, a commendation for having worked with competence, self-sacrifice and honor for the protection of cultural heritage damaged by seismic events”.